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User Groups

The gallery to the right shows pictures from just some of the many user groups that enjoy the incredible jewel that is our Slough area. 

The slough area has been frequented in all seasons of the year. Here is a list of some of the user groups:



Dog Walkers








First Nations Sweatlodgers


Winter Sports Enthusiasts

Train Enthusiasts (railfans)


Educators (field trips)

Proposed access trail to the Slough Video

"Access to the Slough"


With this video you will be able to see the proposed trail site, and also get a better idea of the difficulty people now have, in getting to the slough, until a safe legal pedestrian crossing is in place.

This video was shot at the slough area on Thursday morning, September 3rd, 2020 

(Thank you to Hub On-line for shooting this video! Thanks Gareth!)

Recent pictures of user groups accessing and enjoying the slough, even though the going is tough in most places. By creating a trail above the high water line, it will be safer and will show the public that AT is planning for a good long term relationship with the people of Ashcroft. An access trail  will benefit everyone including AT.

Check out the height of the train line above the slough. Room for a trail and to explore with no risk.

User Groups

There are a wide range of user groups that wish to continue enjoying safe access to the slough area. These user groups include, but are not limited to, the following: Fishers, Hikers, Dog walkers, Picnickers, Birders, Cyclists, Runners, Rockhounds, Swimmers, Artists, First Nations Sweatlodgers, horticulturalists, Winter sports enthusiasts, "railfans", boaters etc... 



Amazing place,

Its wonders abound

For all who seek to see,

The path is lost and nowhere found 

I miss my sanctuary.

This place taught me to love and be 

This place I’m told to leave

How precious now my memories

A bitter winter’s eve.

Though growth proceeds we won’t despair 

For what was once no more

We’ll find a way that will lead us there

The place our hearts adore.

Amazing place,

Its wonders abound

For all who seek to see

The path is lost, but will be found 

We miss our sanctuary.

"Amazing Place" (parody by Gloria Mertens)

(will insert song when available.)


The Slough area has been a popular location for fishing since the very beginning of Settler activity in this area. First Nations Bands also shared fishing rights to this area for centuries before that. Access to this area has been important to Fishers long before Ashcroft was a camp called St. Cloud, and before the railways were in existence.

Photo by: Nash Wiens


The Ashcroft Slough offers great hiking opportunities in all seasons. Some people even strap on the skis or snow shoes to enjoy its beauty in the winter months.

Dog Walkers

The Slough is a favourite place for dog walkers. It is also the only place near Ashcroft that people from Ashcroft can safely take their dogs, especially big dogs, for a swim in the summer months and during heat waves.

"In the 25 years that I have visited the Slough, I have always been impressed by how relatively clean and neat the area was. It was clear to me that local folks were looking after the area." 

(Erik Poole, local Angler and Slough enthusiast)

Safe Swimming Areas 

This picture not only shows the first of several swimming areas, but should also start to give you an idea of the vastness of this amazing location. A second swimming area can be seen in the background. All just a few minutes from town...

The picture on the right shows the first of several swimming areas one would come across along the trail through the slough.  There are no other safe swimming spots on the Thompson river close to Ashcroft. This picture is taken from the start of the the slough area looking down river towards Ashcroft.

A Cool Dip

Here is a picture of four slough enthusiasts enjoying a cool dip where the slough meets the Thompson River. Notice the CN train bridge in the background.

Photo by Nash Wiens

Boating Enthusiasts of All Kinds

Because the river current is relatively smooth around the slough, with it's back eddies and shallows, it is a fun and particularly safe area for boating enthusiasts of all kinds.


The Ashcroft Slough is a great area for families with children of all ages. There are safe places to swim or float in a lazy current. There are plenty of great picnic spots and places to make sand castles in the summer. Children also love to make forts out of the plentiful driftwood.


If you are one of the people who have used the slough for recreation and want to be able to continue having safe access , or if you simply see the worth in supporting our cause, please consider joining the Ashcroft Slough Society! There is a $5 annual fee (free for children under 16). See the fillable form on the Contacts page.

You can also help by simply staying engaged! Keep talking about the issue with your friends, write letters to the Ashcroft Terminal or the Journal, or post about it on facebook! We need to let AT know that the public cares about this issue. 

Donations can also be made payable by cheque to the Ashcroft Slough Society or by e-transfer (see the donations page for the fillable form) ... No tax receipts available until after we have been a society for a full year.

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